PSA: Malicious Impersonation Attempts Of Arrington Capital

April 17, 2022 Ninor Mansor

Recently, we have been made aware of sophisticated instances of scammers impersonating members of Arrington Capital. Thus far, we’ve directly heard of at least three examples.

The impersonation attempts follow a common thread. The target is contacted with a cold email outlining an investment proposal. On first glance, the email address appears legitimate when viewed through an email client. However, the email header reveals they are using slightly modified domain names. In this case, the scammer’s email address appears as “”.

This is not an official Arrington Capital email address.

The email instructs the target to join a meeting with a member of Arrington Capital at a specified time and date, providing a link to what appears to be a Zoom link. Do not click through this link – we can only assume what is waiting for you on the other side is malicious.

The scammers also employ various confidence tricks. The scammers provide an “Anti-Phishing Key” to dupe targets with an allure of security, as well as including our official logo in the body of the email.

Be also wary of scammers on other communication platforms. We have been informed Telegram users – branding themselves with our name and logo – are conducting sophisticated social engineering campaigns, chatting with targets & building trust over extended periods of time.

To reiterate, be wary of any cold emails or outreach from anyone claiming to be from Arrington Capital. If in doubt, ask to verify the signature of a message (of your choosing) signed with the Ethereum private key corresponding to the following Ethereum public key:


Here is a great guide to message signing & verification.

Stay vigilant and stay safe.