The Space Race For Open Markets: Vega

June 1, 2021 Ninos Mansor

Are modern markets open markets? Markets are part of our lives in unimaginable ways yet have never been more mysterious. Today, trading is a game of warring algos and enigmatic finance, addicted to obfuscating collateral and hiding system risk. Crypto promised to get us a step closer to open markets, gifting us perfect and incorruptible collateral as well as the power to verify everything without a ratings agency or bank.

Yet the mysteries of market structure linger, and are in some new ways worse than TradFi. Nobodycan contest the pristineness of crypto collateral, but crypto market infrastructure is addicted to its ownredlining – from the existential CeFi cascade to HFT’s adversarial cousin, MEV.

Vega is the world’s first open protocol for creating, maintaining and aligning markets. It is a decentralizedlaunchpad for all trading. In some sense, Vega concepts are more than a subset of DeFi – they representan evolution in the history of markets. If Vega succeeds, it will become a modular galaxy for everythingfrom market creation to risk modeling and incentive alignment. It marries active and passive liquidity,encourages risk model experimentation and ultimately solves the derivatives trilemma.

A true Blue Ocean opportunity, Vega is the multi-verse of markets, dragging humanity out of an adversarial war of all and leading us to a new space race for open liquidity.