A Web3 focused podcast from Arrington Capital where we set sail into the uncharted waters of Web3 entrepreneurship and those building the at the forefront of crypto. Episodes will celebrate and interview the bold risk-takers and adventurers who dare to defy the norm. These modern-day pirates are founders who lust after the thrill of venturing into the unknown and thrive on the exhilarating web3 startup life itself.

We will dive into new apps, defi, trading, infrastructure, capital markets and more as we put founders first and capture the courage, adventure and spirit of entrepreneurship that we are passionate about in Web3.

Episode 3

Delegate: Connectedness with Crosschain Name Service, Secure Onchain Identity & More

Guests: Foobar and Munam Wasi - Founders, Delegate

Foobar and Munam Wasi, the founders of Delegate, discuss their vision to tackle the challenges of simplification and cross-chain integration across crypto, motivated by personal experience of clunky and risky setups for managing various wallets across web3. With over $1B worth of assets secured across nearly 200k wallets, Delegate has had significant traction in its early days – thanks to a consumer-friendly experience of allowing people to manage multiple wallets across different blockchains under one address.

Episode 2

BBO Exchange: Unique Decentralized Derivative Trading with OEV

Guest: Ray - Founder, BBOX

Ray, the founder of BBOX (BBO Exchange), sits down to share his vision for what he sees as the ultimate derivative trading platform. As the first perpetual DEX to utilize Oracle Extractable Value in its liquidation process, BBOX has pioneered an innovative auction mechanism that capitalizes on the inherent latency in oracle price updates – a feature that enables liquidity providers to concentrate their liquidity and enhance market efficiency.  With an upcoming signal-driven AMM launching on Linea, Ray discusses his approach and why the current models are not working – especially for more traditional participants.

Episode 1

Esprezzo’s No-code Data Automation: A Convo About Enabling Web3 with Real-time Smart Contract Data

Guest: Remy Carpinito - Founder, Esprezzo

Remy Carpinito, a second time pirate (founder), has built Esprezzo with a strong understanding of the underlying power of the intense amount of data that is being created with blockchain – and growing exponentially. In this episode, he discusses the importance of data automation in Web3 an the need for no-code automation tools for non-technical team members.  Esprezzo is creating value by building providing real-time data solutions with their Dispatch product for traditional Web2 and Web3 teams to save time, money and allow them to better scale with new tech. The conversation covers various use cases, including NFTs, sports betting, and DeFi.

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