Keli Callaghan Becomes Arrington Capital’s Newest Partner

July 7, 2022 Michael Arrington

Today we are welcoming our newest partner to Arrington Capital: Keli Callaghan. Keli was most recently the chief marketing officer at Algorand.

Keli is a seasoned entrepreneur and blockchain operator. She joined Algorand in 2018 and was responsible for all aspects of their marketing and communication since inception to what it is today – a thriving community of millions of users, thousands of applications and billions of dollars of value.

We met Keli in 2019 when we first invested in Algorand. We have grown closer to Algorand over the years, including the launch of the Arrington ALGO Growth Fund about a year ago to invest even more heavily into that ecosystem. We’ve worked with Keli countless times on events and product launches, and she’s one of the most intelligent, charismatic and energetic entrepreneurs I’ve ever met. We are extremely happy that she’s joined us.

Like many before her, Keli is taking the path from successful entrepreneur to investor. It’s the same path that I took, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to be great at it. She will be a particularly valuable resource for the companies that we invest in.

Keli previously held leadership roles at the intersection of marketing and customer engagement with several global technology companies including Avid, Sprint, Zmags, and Rez1. Her roles have included the management of channel sales & marketing, developing marketing strategies and tactical execution plans to drive business awareness and growth, building go-to-market positioning and strategy, and leading cross functional teams.

Keli holds a degree in marketing comms and business ethics from Fairfield University and a MBA from Boston College.

You can follow Keli on twitter at @KeliCallaghan. Her tweet thread about this is here.