Official Arrington Capital Communication Channels

October 19, 2023 Keli Callaghan

We take safety and security very seriously at Arrington Capital and want to take this opportunity to remind the Arrington community to alway be alert for fraudulent activity. Recently, we have seen phishing scams that have involved spoof accounts, looking for funds from founders in exchange for investment, and even falsified video calls. 

Please know that we will never ask for funds to be sent to us in exchange for an investment. Communications regarding investment in your startup will come directly from one of our partners and our return email address will always end in 

If you are interested in becoming an LP at Arrington Capital, please email for a deeper discussion on fund participation and opportunities. 

As a reminder, all official communication channels are below. 


Twitter:  (@Arrington_Cap)


Our operations team is happy to verify any request you get from Arrington Capital, please just email