A Hell Of A Year

January 10, 2019 Michael Arrington

2018 was a hell of a year. Yes, getting crushed in the market sucks. And yes, many were left shell shocked. But as someone who’s lived through a few big market downturns, I can tell you this. If you’re still standing, you are stronger for it.

You are a veteran of the 2018 crypto disaster. The next time the markets get shaky, you’ll handle it like a pro. And you’ll tell those around you, “This is nothing. I was in crypto in 2018.”

Perhaps your story is more heart wrenching than most. Maybe you lost your job, or more money than you could afford. That sucks, certainly. But greatness will be molded from the ashes. As I wrote nearly a decade ago (when we were just getting out of a different financial disaster), entrepreneurs live for this craziness. It’s supposed to be hard to be successful, that’s why the journey is so valuable.

Those of us that remain are stronger, forged in fire, and less likely to break down the road when new and even greater challenges approach. Be thankful for 2018, because to truly appreciate the good times, you have to suffer occasionally, too.

We are excited at Arrington XRP Capital. We are still aggressively investing in new projects, and our investors are doubling down in this market. Great fortunes will be won or lost in the coming years, and new technologies will emerge that we can’t even imagine today. Don’t let 2018 get you down. 2019 is here, and full of possibility.