Geoffrey Arone Heads To Boston For Neo Global Capital Event

September 13, 2018 Geoffrey Arone

Our busy travel schedule continues.  Mike is in Singapore this week and next. On Saturday, September 15, I’ll be at Neo Global Capital’s (NGC) Frontiers of Blockchain Investment at The W in Boston.

I’ve been invited to participate as a speaker and am really looking forward to sharing my experiences, as well as hearing about how others are navigating the current market conditions. Specifically, I’m excited about the opportunity to speak at an event hosted by NGC. With > $400 million in assets, NGC holds one of the largest and most diverse crypto portfolios in the world. Given that, it will be a treat to hear first-hand about their perspectives on distributed identity and security tokens. It will also be fun to spend more time with the folks at NGC since we’ve co-invested in seven deals with them in the last six months including: NKNOasisMainframeCertikOrigoUltrain and Multivac.

I hope to see you there.