Silicon Valley’s Harmony Ready to Debut

September 4, 2018 Michael Arrington

It’s no secret to anyone following the crypto space that most of the innovation is happening outside of the United States. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is the complete lack of regulatory guidance by the SEC.

Companies here are largely in limbo as their lawyers freeze most token issuances. Entrepreneurs that used to move to the U.S. to start their companies are looking at the huge tax burden, visa bureaucracy and regulatory black hole and just staying home instead. 

As a result, we’ve focused most of our investment energy towards Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

None of this has stopped Silicon Valley based Harmony, however. They are one of the hot new infrastructure startups tackling the next generation of blockchain.

They have an amazing team and are growing quickly. I met with the company earlier in the summer before my world tour. Pictured here is me on the left, then Rongjian Lan, Nicolas Burtey and CEO Stephen Tse.

The company was run out of Stephen’s home until they recently moved to dedicated offices (another house, I’m told) in Cupertino.

This is probably the hottest pre-funded crypto startup in the valley right now, and investors are clamoring for introductions. They are also hiring. 

You can contact Harmony on their website or on Twitter @HarmonyProtocol, and you can read about their product and history in their own words here – Introducing Harmony: An Open, Scalable Marketplace for the Decentralized Economy.